Everybody complains about the weather, but no one does anything about it. Here we are going to measure it.

The Thomas Creek Estates (TCE) weather station has a 24 hr FARS, a rain gauge heater, and is mounted at 6 ft. The anemometer is mounted at 12 ft. AGL for ET purposes. The Thomas Creek Estates 26 (TCE26) anemometer is mounted at 26 ft., the station's temp/hum sensor is at 25 ft. and the rain gauge is at 6 ft. AGL. Both stations were refurbished/rebuilt on the 10th anniversary of the TCE station.

The rain gauge heater is usually running continuously during heavy snowfalls while the temperature is below freezing, and/or when there is no solar heating. During light snowfalls, it has to be run intermittently to prevent evaporation of the snow flakes.

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